Winns CO2 – Dataromkjøler

Technical details:

 Refrigerant: CO₂

  • Cooling units:
    • 11kW and 28kW units consist of: Compressor, evaporator, fan and other necessary parts fitted in stainless steel cabinet. Downward air flow direction. External sea water cooled gas cooler.
    • 75kW unit has been split into two 38kW units due to size. Otherwise the same configuration as 11kW and 28kW units.
  • Capacity control: Minimum allowed frequency is 35 Hz
    • 11kW unit: Minimum capacity @35Hz = 6,5kW
    • 28kW unit: Minimum capacity @35Hz = 15kW
    • 38kW unit: Minimum capacity @35Hz = 24kW
  • Evaporator: Copper tubes/ aluminium fins:
    • We expect the during normal operating conditions the air in the rooms will quite dry. Capacity is therefor given at 40% RH.
  • Seawater cooled gas coolers for 11kW and 28kW units:
    • Titanium tubes on sea water side, AISI 316 on CO2 side
    • The gas coolers have been calculated for in/out 10/ 15°C
    • Alternatively a specially designed plate heat exchangers fabricated with 254 SMO in all parts can be supplied. CO₂ is circulated in the plates and sea-water between the plates. This means the plate heat exchanger can be dismantled for cleaning if necessary without compromising the CO2 circuit.
  • Air cooled gas cooler:
    • Coil and fins in copper, casing in AISI 316 (We have not been able to find a supplier that can deliver gas coolers with coil and fins in AISI 316)
  • Control system:
    • The units will run in fully automated mode, controlled by an industrial type PLC.
    • External communication via OPC and I/O.